What could be better, Gaming or Leisure??

This post is all about what we do for Gaming or Leisure? It’s a different point of view for the Millenials…

The new Trend of Game and Leisure.. would you believe it? It’s not at all Leisure it all Serious Stuff. crossfit gamesYou would spen hours and hours at the Gym so to prove that you have the stamina to do all the exercise. But it is a Gaming kind of sport.. Even the women get in to the actions, have you seen this one TV?

Look at how strong they look and how fit they are to do all the required task to win the competition. this is not about leisure, its all about winning the Game.

Gaming and Leisure at the crossfit GamesThis is not your normal kind of Gaming and Leisure. I think not.. I would rather watch the games on television and sweat it out with them. It;s fantastic that women can get serious about this sport. it’s Amazing what they can do

crossfit women competition